Fiberglass Insect Screening


Fiberglass Insect Screen Application scope:
The fiberglass insect screen is chiefly used in the home for insect preventing purpose as window screen, door screen, retractable window & door screen, porch screen, mosquito screen, etc. but you may also find it creatively used in pastures, orchards and gardens and construction.
Fiberglass Insect Screen Main Characteristics:
Environment friendly, long services life, easy install, easy clean, durable and flexible, heavy break strength, without smell, flame resistant, customer roll size are available, keep insect & bug out let fresh air in.
Fiberglass Insect Screen Normal Specification:
18x16(standard), 18x14, 18x18, 20x20, 24x24, 16x14, etc
Color: Grey, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Brown, etc
Roll Length: 20-300 meters ; Roll Width: 0.5-3.0 meters

Customer roll size, color, mesh size, packing can be made as require.
Variety Specification Technical Notes
Mesh/Inch Wire Gauge Roll Size
Fiberglass Insect Screening 12 x 12



Available in different colors
14 x 14
16 x 16
16 x 14



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